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New Jerusalem Missionary Baptist UCC Church, 5485 Alegre Drive Fountain, CO 80817

About Us


New Jerusalem is a church which practices and strives in the ministry of presence. We fellowship in love and desire to share in fellowship in your moments of joy but recognize that life has bad days as well. As Brothers and Sisters we also share and provide comfort in times of need.

New Jerusalem has played an integral part in the everyday lives of its members and the citizens of the Colorado Springs, Fountain, and Widefield communities for forty years under the leadership of its founder Pastor Emeritus James H. McMearn and continues to grow.

Since its inception God has inspired its members to study and grow in the word and provide compassionate outreach to aid those in need. We look forward to sharing in the fellowship of Christ our Savior in your good days and walking beside you during your moments of challenges.


The purpose of this organization is to seek, find and do the will of God by seeking the guidance and empowerment of His Holy Spirit for doing our part in fulfilling the mission of Jesus Christ to His Church. In order to fulfill this purpose, we dedicate ourselves to reading, studying, and following God’s WORD to constant prayer for guidance and empowerment, to worshipping and praising God, to making disciples for Jesus Christ, and to being His servant in the service and liberation of mankind. We seek to continue to grow to full maturity.


  1. The Bible (especially the New Testament) will be our primary guide for faith and practice.
  2. The Pastor (as our God-called, theologically-trained and Holy Spirit-inspired leader) will be our primary interpreter of the scripture.
  3. The Pastor, after prayerful deliberation, shall make whatever decisions necessary for organizing and developing this Congregation as the Lord leads him and shall be the Moderator of this Congregation.
  4. The Pastor shall appoint the necessary persons and groups to carry out the various ministries of the Congregation.
  5. The Pastor shall appoint or approve the necessary persons and group of Deacons and Trustees to be known as Officers.
  6. The Pastor and officers are authorized by the Congregation to determine compensation and other expenses and shall make periodic reports to the Congregation.
  7. Matters that are necessary to be brought to the whole Congregation will usually be decided by consensus after prayerful deliberation.
  8. We shall support the work of the Lord through this Church and its worldwide mission through tithes and offerings. Each member of this Congregation will work to improve the total Community and will endeavor (by the aid of the Holy Spirit) to lead someone to Christ. We will be advocates for peace and social justice and will share with our Pastor in the preaching and teaching of the Gospel and in helping to make disciples throughout the world.

Our Mission

The mission of New Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church is to equip and empower the member of New Jerusalem into a spiritually healthy and vibrant community of believers who impact others.